Jordan 4 Price Drop

Shoes like the Nike Air Jordan 4 are renowned for their classic style and unmistakable streetwear appeal. The cost of these trainers has recently decreased, making them more affordable for sneaker fans; options now start at £240. Let's look at the top five pairs of Nike Air Jordan 4s that are stylish and inexpensive, making them essential purchases for sneakerheads on a budget.

Jordan 4 Midnight Navy: £259.99

The Air Jordan 4 in Midnight Navy is a cherished classic with a classic white and navy colour combination that goes well with many different ensembles. Despite its popularity, this colorway is still reasonably priced, giving sneaker lovers a great chance to expand their collections without going over budget.

Air Jordan 4 Midnight Navy DH6927-140

Jordan 4 Yellow Thunder: £259.99

The Air Jordan 4 in Yellow Thunder, an unanticipated addition to our list, generated a lot of buzz when it was first released. But for the time being, Nike's substantial discount has kept resell prices in control. Sneakerheads can anticipate its worth to increase over time due to its iconic Jordan 4 colorway, making it a wise investment at its present cost.

Jordan 4 yellow thunder

Jordan 4 Infrared: £249.99

The Air Jordan 4 in Infrared is a true standout and is regarded as one of the Jordan 4s with the best aesthetics. These trainers look well with a variety of outfits thanks to their adaptable colour combination. Despite the fact that their popularity could easily support a higher price, sneakerheads can still find them for around £260 or less, making them a good deal.

JORDAN 4 'INFRARED' – Empire Glasgow


Owning a pair of classic Nike Air Jordan 4s has never been easier for sneakerheads on a budget. With the new price reduction, you can now purchase these vintage trainers for as little as £240, providing a fantastic opportunity to up your sneaker game without going over budget. There is a cost-effective Jordan 4 to fit every style, from the classic Midnight Navy to the Yellow Thunders and the underappreciated Infrared.
Purchase a pair right away at a discount before they sell out.